Square Fiber Drums

Smart Packaging to reduce your logistics cost and improve safety!

100% Recyclable, Bio-degradable and Environment-friendly

Enable optimum consumption of space

Secure cost-effective delivery and sustainability

Supreme strength and stability

When it comes to packing and delivery, an extensive variety of products from Pharmaceutical, Fine Chemical, Agro Chemical and Food industry currently depend on traditional round or cylindrical drums in paper or metal. This conventional medium of packing is restricted in terms of space utility and environmental sustainability.

Indmark Paperform has devised an innovative packing solution through our Square Fiber Drums. Wholly recyclable and bio-degradable, these environment-friendly drums assure optimum consumption of storage space, thereby providing the most cost-effective delivery sustainability. With our in-house laboratory and testing unit, Indmark’s Square Fiber Drums are deliberated in strict conformation with international quality standards.

Easy-filling and emptying

Strength and Stability

Hassle-free Handling

Handhole cut-outs

High-resistance to pressure