Benefits of Square Fiber Drums

They say ‘A big business starts small’ and that is exactly what our founders at Indmark have always believed in. It all started when our founder Mr Narendra Meher had the vision to create a niche in the export industry by providing services of remarkable quality, especially from an Indian-origin manufacturing company. Our motto of never compromising on the quality of products and services is something we have been following since and it has helped us carry and uplift the platform with a vision to upscale Indmark into multiple sectors.

Today, Indmark is a proud manufacturer and supplier of cable trays, hot dip galvanizing & also a supplier of recycled fiber square drums. Our square fiber drums are made from kraft liner, which is organic in nature and can be recycled as well. Their lid is usually made from plastic or steel. 

Advantages :

They are made from extremely lightweight material which is why even though some of them come in sizes as large as 55 gallons, they can be maneuvered easily. The fiber drums along with being lightweight are also extremely durable and good for the environment. In addition to being lightweight and sturdy, fiber drums are also good for the planet since they are made out of material that is renewable and can be recycled. You can use them over and over again and for various different purposes once you purchase them. This is what has made fiber drums the preferred storage and shipping solution for many companies. 

Industry specific :

Square fibre drums are not only used for various purposes but also by different industries such as the pharmaceutical and the food industry to store and transport powdered goods, spices and flavorings. These drums are also a popular choice for anyone in the cable or wire industry as the square shape works as a great storage system for wires and cables of all lengths. 

Logistical advantages:

Some of the logistical advantages are smooth operation, consumes supreme space –  50% more than cylindrical drums, requires less storage space – saves upto 40% on freight, pallets are unified to form a compressed storage for goods to store.

A few other notable features of the drums include hassle-free handling, weather resistant material, supreme strength and stability, high resistance to pressure, maximized recyclability, UN approval ready. 

Also, one should remember the right sized design of Square Fiber Drums ensure there is no excess air in your packaging, meaning there are fewer pallets to fill, fewer trucks to move and greater savings to be made. 

The company strongly believes and strives to deliver uncompromised quality of products and services and consistently provide a smooth customer experience. We further aim to gain recognition in the industry as an esteemed company and hone the new generation of leaders to scale new heights.